Paterson Beach

Creative Use of a Development Site

By Matthias Hollwich

Status  COMPLETED 2020

Location  PATERSON, NJ



Photographer  TY COLE

Paterson Beach is the reimagination of the future of public space. Located on site of an adaptive reuse project of seven historic mill buildings, HWKN created a space that uses social distancing principles through the use of built visual clues that are reminiscent of a board game. It was critical for the connection between sites to have an organic flow, to guide visitors through the space.

Paterson Beach, complete with 500 tons of sand and a custom built walkway, not only becomes the heart of the site, but will continue to activate the development during, and after, COVID. 24+ Half, as the larger development will be known, is the future home of housing, coworking space, a beer garden and food hall, and sits along the Passaic River.


The shared infrastructure of live work space will foster creativity, entrepreneurship and encourage people to engage with their neighbors and community.