Die Macherei

The Magic of Intentionally Shaped Public Space

Text by Jessica Knobloch

Most European cities have strict laws about distances and setbacks between buildings. Munich is not different. But public space of quality can not be created with rules and regulations, but with creativity and spatial sensibility. This is why we broke with every rule when we designed Die Macherei (The Makery) in Munich, and provoked an urban design that puts people first and rules second.

We shape spaces that turn buildings into social activators, identity markers, and happiness enhancers. We extended the creative strategy to the inside of the building, establishing spaces that welcome the revolutionary new urban hospitality hotel from Scandic, and tenants such as John Reeds, the hip-hop inspired sports club, and Design Office, with its trans-disciplinary work spaces. Here in Munich, the future of real estate is taking shape, creating purposeful buildings for generations to come.