Enlighten Peekskill

Lighting Up The Local Community

Text by Matthias Hollwich





Peekskill and the greater upstate New York region have always served as a refuge for travelers looking to escape the lifestyle of urban centers, creating an opportunity to experience the natural landscape while gazing at the uninterrupted night sky. This experience of earth and sky is wonderfully exemplified in the historic Peekskill Meteorite event, where in October 1992, a meteorite recorded was burning through the Earth’s atmosphere eventually landing in the town of Peekskill.

The event, widely captured on home video, became an international phenomenon drawing large crowds to Peekskill and introducing them to the beautiful landscape the area has to offer. We were inspired by historic event and it’s ability to bring people together through a shared experience – and so we propose Rockstar. Formally, the installation mimics the playful shape of an 18-pointed star, a bold geometric form that invites users to explore and interact with the sculpture.

To reinforce the connection to the local geology, we propose stacking locally sourced stones to create volume and texture; the installation resembling a foreign object that has crash-landed in Peekskill. The distinguishing characteristic of any meteor is its brightly glowing trail that becomes visible upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere. These vivid colors can range significantly and are determined by the material composition of the meteorite. To activate the installation in the evening, we propose integrating changing LEDs between the rocks, bathing the natural texture of the stones in beautiful, radiant shades of color. The bright lights also act as a wayfinding beacon attracting visitors from the distance and creating a congregation point for the Artist’s Statement.