Blesso House

The Log Cabin Reinvented

Located an hour outside of Salt Lake City in a remote pocket of wilderness, the Blesso House creates a new prototype for ski resort development that unites the great outdoors with sustainable living. By combining passive and active sustainability techniques, the house is on track to achieve LEED Platinum status. Wrapped in a high-performance double-pane glass facade, the Powder Mountain House combines solar thermal collectors, natural ventilation and a heat-exchange system into a compact, energy efficient package. The interior spaces are layered with locally-sourced renewable materials, upcycled finishes and 100% LED lighting. The wooden structure acts as a windbreak surrounding the house.

  • Status: Designed 2014
  • Location: Powder Mountain, Eden, UT
  • Client: Blesso Properties
  • Size: 3,000 SF
  • Scope: SD-CA
  • Architect of Record: Bertoldi Architects
  • Team: Matthias Hollwich, AIA Marc Kushner, AIA Brad Engelsman, Tim Aarsen, Egbert Chu, Jamie Abrego