The Second Studio x Matthias Hollwich

May 17, 2022
By The Second Studio

Matthias Hollwich, Founding Principal of HWKN, joins The Second Studio.


“Architecture is strategy and it’s not just design. Design is a part of a strategy that you create…and that’s why I come back to my math and physics kind of talent. It’s certainly not just about being creative. It’s also exploring… What is good for the place? What is good for the client? How far can you push it? What can you do? And then you can build the arguments around it. And you don’t over invest just into design exercises that a lot of people do… It’s all of this but what you really want to do is something that moves cities and people forward. It becomes, for me, more predictable how you think and how you work to a certain degree. And then you have to let loose again, of course, to create the magic but there is a strategy behind it.”