iLive Frankfurt

Designing The Place To Be’s First Residential Community

By Matthias Hollwich



Client  ILIVE

Size  200,000 SF


Executive Architect  AI+P

The Place To Be at Adickesallee in Frankfurt is the largest planned student and furnished serviced apartment project in Germany. This groundbreaking project, in partnership with iLive, the leading and most innovative provider of lifestyle apartments in Germany, will serve the nearby universities and residential neighborhoods.

Formerly a student residence complex for the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the design of the new building at Adickesallee is inspired by the next generation of building in Germany. Forward thinking design principles shift the volumes of the horizontal masses to create a sculptural, moving building that adds energy to the surrounding area. The addition of iLive’s development to the community supports future growth for the neighborhood and the academic community, and creates much needed housing to support the city’s needs.

HWKN created not only a beautiful solution for a growing city, but a highly amenitized and socially engaging building where tenants can enjoy diverse experiences, a large lobby with a bar, and a fitness studio. iLive Adickesallee will become a destination in itself as the city of Frankfurt continues to flourish, where residents, locals, and students can meet and engage.