18 Park

The New Face of Jersey City

18 Park is a market-rate rental apartment building in a designer suit. Taking advantage of a desirable location with expansive Manhattan views, and access to light rail and a private marina, Hollwich Kushner created a unique exterior and arresting public amenities. Deep shadow lines, luxe materials, and a first floor colonnade lend the building a feeling of comfortable solidity. A fissure at the the middle of the facade breaks up its mass, while generous shared spaces are designed to wow at first and age gracefully over time. A lobby with dramatic wood cladding designed by a local artist helped contribute to a record-setting lease-up period for Jersey City rentals.

  • Status: Built 2014
  • Location: Liberty Harbor North, NJ
  • Client: KRE Group, Ironstate Development Company
  • Size: 200,000 SF
  • Scope: SD-CA
  • Architect of Record: Minno & Wasko
  • Team: Matthias Hollwich, RA, SBA Marc Kushner, AIA Robert May, Keith Greenwald, Joanne Pouzenc, Michael Golden, Jessica Wetters, Virginia Melnyk, Adam Hostetler, Alana Goldweit, Mariline Laenen, Kelsey Lents, Andreas Kostopoulos, Louis Koehl
  • Photographer: Michael Moran, Bilyana Dimitrova