Pennovation Year in Review

October 1, 2017
The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s community of innovators is bound together by a common goal: serving society through the advancement of knowledge. Pennovation Works is the place where researchers and students, entrepreneurs, and the private sector thrive together with the benefit of diverse, flexible, and affordable spaces. This creates a dynamic environment where ideas go to work.  One year out from the grand opening celebration, marking the official launch of the new Pennovation Center and completion of the first phase of the 23-acre Pennovation Works site improvements, we take a look back at the advancements made in the ecosystem this year and a look ahead at what’s in the works.


151,000+ # of square feet leased, Works and Center, total

25,000+ # of available square feet for lease, Works and Center, total

64 # of companies in the Works and Center, total

266 # of people working at the Works and in the Center, total

4,840 # of additional usable square feet added to Pennovation Center in recent build-out, due to popular demand

6,500+ # of attendees at events held at the Pennovation Center in its first year of operation

*as of October 2017