New(er) York

Beauty is fleeting but character has longevity.

Architecture is unique amongst the design disciplines because it lasts the longest. We measure the lifespan of consumer products in years, art by eras, but we measure buildings in centuries and millennia.

That is why we believe we have to design buildings that aren’t just beautiful – but imbued with a unique personality. Think of it this way, it’s exciting to date an underwear model, but you choose a spouse that is the right combination of beauty and personality – after all you are going to be together for a long time.

Designing a landmark means designing for longevity.

New(er) York is a design research project that applies contemporary construction techniques and design methodologies to timeless Art Deco landmarks. Our goal was to maintain the personality and longevity of these buildings without copying their ornamentation.

This design research is a first step, showcasing one example of how we can use the history of a place to inform new construction for the future. There is an endless amount of inspiration we can take from different cities and different eras, and this is what we love about architecture.