HWKN Joins To Create Metaverse Social Spaces

December 16, 2022

Pax. world founder Frank Fitzgerald began to create spaces in the metaverse during lockdown when he became frustrated with doing business and socialising via teleconferencing.

He launched Pax.world, which claims to be the world’s first true virtual society, this month. The platform lets users host events includings concerts, trade shows, lectures, parties and festivals in the virtual Metaserai buildings.


HWKN‘s created a metaserai named Paxton with a multi-level hexagonal form. Located in the desert, it includes a giant amphitheatre for concerts, wallless galleries for art, meeting rooms that open to the sky, and a rooftop garden with exercise facilities. “Paxton is a world you choose to enter in order to explore, change, and grow,” said Matthias Hollwich, principal and founder of New York architecture firm.