Grand Junction Plaza, David Rubin - Land Collective, HWKN, Ratio Design, Bruce Mao Design

Grand Junction Wins 2023 LOOP Design Awards

September 26, 2023
LOOP Design

Two weeks following the selection of landscape architecture and planning studio DAVID RUBIN Land Collective to design the city’s new 7.8-acre downtown park, a 500-year storm event flooded the burgeoning hamlet. What was to be a civic park for citizens to gather suddenly required a stormwater infrastructure solution to make it possible. In response to the challenge, Land Collective’s principal, David A. Rubin, curated a collaboration which includes architecture firm, HWKN, Toronto-based strategic design studio, BMD (Bruce Mau Design), RATIO Architects, and an extended team of civil engineers and riparian-corridor specialists.

The three iconic pavilions for the park have been designed by HWKN Architecture in collaboration with Ratio, the first of which is realized and houses a café and winter skate rental. These eye-catching forms were derived from the architects’ careful “splitting open” a (conceptual) block of limestone. Detailed with such precision, if the pavilions were moved and joined together, they would marry perfectly to form a solid block of limestone, once again. The architecture pays homage to what lies beneath the flat Midwestern plains, further amplified by the detail of extruded, 6” x 6” limestone blocks to cover the pavilion’s undulating façade.


Grand Junction is not only providing a human- and design-focused civic center to this burgeoning city, but it has become an inspiration for communities around the globe to turn infrastructural upgrades into community-rich experiences for their citizens.