AI Enhanced Design Services by HWKN

February 1, 2024
Matthias Hollwich

We’re excited to introduce HWKN’s cutting-edge, AI-enhanced architecture services. They promise to reshape the way we envision, evaluate, and design our built environments.


AI Service 1: Urban Visioning and Reinvention


Mid Journey is our favored approach for this urban vision exploration, but it requires guidance and control. To enhance its efficiency, we have devised a process where we adapt visionary concepts to real conditions and tailor them to HWKN’s own distinct vision. Currently, we are using this approach to rethink an entire city block – 12 buildings in all – in Washington DC.


AI Service 2: Rapid Potential Evaluation and Repositioning


Time is of the essence, especially in today’s world, where thousands of office buildings need to be repositioned, reevaluated, and re-envisioned. Our Rapid Potential Evaluation and Repositioning service harnesses the power of AI to quickly assess the viability of these sites and buildings.


This accelerated process enables developers to make informed decisions much earlier in a project’s life cycle, saving time, resources, and minimizing risks. In 5 days we were able to evaluate and reposition an outdated building in the city center of Cologne, allowing our client to go to market to raise money for the building’s purchase and almost immediately initiate a conversation with planning authorities.


AI Services 3: Proactive Design Visioning


Imagine having the ability to shape design trends and detect preferences before they even emerge. Our Proactive Design Visioning service does just that. Through an examination of initial design ideas, the DNA of a city, and a client’s preferences, our team models the forthcoming path of architectural visioning, customizing it to a site or a city. Currently we are prototyping thousands of options for the citizens of Frankfurt to choose from for their city. This allows citizens to be part of the shaping of their own city, a tool that is incredibly empowering for cities during their next phase of reinvention.


Upcoming AI design services:


Rapid typological explorations. From Micro-living, to co-living, and fix-living – AI supported floor plan investigations. Masterplan benchmarking. Testing the best utilization of sites in urban and suburban areas with design to data translation. Sketch to drawing execration through AI.


As we integrate AI into architecture design, HWKN is raising the bar, making buildings more emotional, sustainable, and economically viable. Get in touch to discover how HWKN can unleash these opportunities now created by AI and apply them to your own projects.