Surround Podcast: Barriers To Entry With Matthias Hollwich

April 11, 2023
Surround Podcasts

Matthias Hollwich talks ALL THINGS FUTURE on the podcast, ‘Barriers to Entry’.


Matthias opens up about Web 3, the possible uses of A.I., designing in the Metaverse, and HWKN’s groundbreaking virtual project, Paxworld.


With Barriers to Entry, the hosts from Sandow Design, “get into it with the leaders, the designers, the early adopters, and the influencers who are helping to shape what Web 3 will mean for the architecture and design industry.” The far-reaching conversation with Matthias was no exception.


We urge you to listen as it offers great insight into how HWKN engages the future and how our commitment to innovation guides how and for whom we design.


Key Highlights Include:


Web 3.0

“The problem with Web 2.0 was that social connection has been eliminated by the use of algorithms. My dream for Web 3.0 is we can bring people into a space where they are really authentically connected again.”


The Metaverse

An architect has always worked in a virtual space before the building is built, so for us it’s easy to design in the metaverse…but even with a forward-thinking client like we have in London, there are the constraints of reality and money. If we were able to put a design up in the Metaverse first, that might allow us to be even more radical.”


The Office We Need Now

“More than simply a shared physical space, an office has to promote engagement and connectivity, there must be decompression spaces, opportunities for education, to have conversations about corporate identity…And we may have to demonstrate these spaces first in the metaverse.”



“I find it incredibly fascinating and very scary. This will be a journey where we give up the idea of control. Still, A.I. could turn out to be your prized assistant and generate designs. But it’s key we train A.I., when it’s allowed to design, that they make the right decisions. (Remembering in history, architects have not always done that.)