Press: A Nightclub on Fire Island, Destroyed by Fire, Is on Track for a Rebirth

June 01, 2012
The New York Times — By Robin Finn

Matthias Hollwich of HWKN, the architect in charge of designing the Pavilion, recalled first dancing there in the summer of 1992 as a student from Munich: “I came ashore with no summer share, danced until 6 in the morning and took a ferry back to the mainland,” he said.


“It was obvious that this place was the social engine of the Pines,” he added. “It was all about freedom and fun.”


His angular design, with wooden grids framing the views from the many terraces, is airy, even in a literal sense: he estimated that more than a third of the building would be naturally ventilated. The upstairs dance club is to have a roof that opens on starry nights.


“We will make a smarter building,” Mr. Hollwich said.


“This design,” said Matt Blesso, the chief executive of Blesso properties, the site’s developer, “manages to be over-the-top bold, very modern and yet feels summery and beachy.”