Architectural Professional 4

As an Architectural Project Manager, the individual will be stepping into a role of elevated responsibility within the firm. Their role is pivotal to ensuring the seamless transition of projects from the Concept stage to the end of Design Development and continues monitoring when an AoR takes on the majority of responsibility. They will exhibit mastery in the below-mentioned areas and consistently exhibit qualities that represent the ethos and methodology of the HWKN firm.


1. Strategic Leadership & Guidance

1.1. Leads and supervises the design staff and other junior members.

1.2. Along with the HWKN Partners, drives the design vision, ensuring that it aligns with the firm’s methodology and client’s expectations.

1.3. Sets standards for project tasks, ensuring the team consistently meets objectives and timelines.

1.5. Inspires innovation, encouraging the team to consistently iterate and improve design ideas.

2. Comprehensive Project Management

2.1. Serves as the primary point of contact between senior leadership, consultants, and the project team.

2.2. Develops comprehensive project timelines, ensuring punctual delivery at all stages.

2.3. Manages daily client communications, setting expectations and ensuring their needs are met.

2.4. Oversees all project meetings, ensuring effective communication and coordination with consultants and other stakeholders.

3. Advanced Collaboration & Communication

3.1. Facilitates a culture of collaboration, ensuring fluid communication between larger project teams and stakeholders.

3.2. Leads external presentations, representing projects and addressing client and stakeholder queries with clarity.

3.3. Manages all consultant communications, setting clear objectives and expectations.

3.4. Ensures all external correspondence is tracked, action items are delegated and followed up on effectively.

4. Expert Technical Proficiency

4.1. Assumes responsibility for the team’s code research, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

4.2. Demonstrates and ensures the team’s proficiency in HWKN standards.

4.3. Possesses advanced expertise in tools like Revit, Rhino, and Adobe Suite.

4.4. Oversees design and documentation phases, ensuring the team’s alignment with construction methods, project pricing, and client feedback.

5. Professional Excellence & Mentorship

5.1. Serves as an embodiment of the firm’s professional standards, setting examples in demeanor, work ethics, and quality.

5.2. Evaluates the team’s output critically, ensuring the highest quality and consistency in deliverables.

5.3. Provides mentorship in organizing digital and physical modeling and drafting, ensuring efficiency and clarity.

5.4. Recognizes the need for guidance and is proactive in seeking and offering assistance.

5.5. Cultivates a positive and motivating work environment, inspiring the team to bring out their best.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture
  • 7+ years minimum experience (on architectural design projects), with emphasis on Concept through DD phases
  • Fluency in Rhino (required), AutoCAD (preferred), Adobe CS (preferred), Revit (preferred), Enscape (preferred)
  • Experience working across a wide range of scales
  • Strong conceptual and visual communication skills
  • NYC resident preferred
  • Proficiency in German a plus
  • Full-time, non-exempt employment
  • Salary compensation commensurate with experience: $90,000 – $110,000
  • Flexibility of hybrid work
  • Compensation commensurate with skills and experience
  • Health insurance participation
  • Additional benefits (lunch and learn, ARE sponsorship, etc)