Interiors with Personality

Context-driven interior design for all building typologies



At HWKN, we create interiors that derive their personality from the surrounding neighborhood, the overall building design, and diligent use of high-quality materials. The goal is the creation of a timeless experience that makes deep emotional connections with those who occupy them. 


At Pennovation, we worked within the raw industrial character of the existing building. We designed ductwork and lighting in a way that is harmonious with the overall proportions of the building interiors. We exposed the open ceiling and maintained the raw concrete flooring to intensify the factory-like quality of the building, further adding to the personality of the innovation center.


Our Interiors with Personality experience includes:


  • Casper Dreamery (The brand’s first Brick and Mortar oasis in the city)
  • Au Bon Pain (A brand’s prototype store for expansion)
  • Dublin (Lobby, lounge, and coworking design for ground floor activation of residential building)
  • Spirit brand interior designs in multiple buildings throughout Germany


Additional Scope:

Opportunity Mapping

Forward-Thinking Typologies

Unforgettable Buildings

Activated Communities

Branded Places