Branded Places

Using visioning, organic PR, and value alignment to communicate the story behind a brand  



In addition to considering the architectural character of our buildings, we consider the range of visual expressions, the mission, and the “voice” of every project. As one of the founders of Architizer, a globally recognized social media platform for the architecture and design communities, we understand the power of media and how to best position our projects in the larger cultural landscape. The goal is to make the building recognizable and famous beyond its exceptional form.


For the German developer Landmarken, we are leading the creation of a new office brand called Spirit. HWKN is designing multiple buildings under a new brand umbrella positioned as “the future work with a New York flair.” In addition to our exterior and interior design services, HWKN is acting as brand ambassador and contributes with organic PR through all communications channels.


Our Branded Places experience includes:


  • Spirit (Adding the HWKN / Matthias Hollwich brand to multiple buildings in Germany)
  • FLX Live (A new apartment brand for America)
  • JAX 01 (A new branded gallery in the cultural district of Riyadh)
  • Skyler (An multigenerational skyscraper that redefines design for all ages)
  • Pennovation (A new entrepreneurial hub and the anchor of Pennovation Works campus)


Additional Scope:

Opportunity Mapping

Forward-Thinking Typologies

Unforgettable Buildings

Interiors with Personality

Activated Communities