Activated Communities

Enlivening community spaces through pop-up Installation, event, and social-purpose design



A building or a place is nothing without people. And people come when there is a good reason to be there.  At HWKN, we design temporary and permanent environments and experiences that capture the imagination. We want our spaces to spark your willingness to socially engage and share. The goal is to create space for communal experiences, and activities that bring people together. 


During the summer of the Covid-19 pandemic, we poured 40 truckloads  of sand in the middle of an abandoned industrial site in northern New Jersey, creating a socially distanced urban beach for residents to enjoy. The beach instantly transformed an abandoned site into a place for social gathering and foreshadowed its planned redevelopment while generating good will and anticipation in the community. 


Our Activated Communities experience includes:


  • MINI ROOFTOP (Media intense temporary event space for MINI)
  • Paterson Beach (Urban event space for future development site) 
  • Wendy (The climactic conclusion of the Young Architects Program at MoMA PS1)
  • Uniqlo Cubes (A Japanese brand activates the High Line)


Additional Scope:

Opportunity Mapping

Forward-Thinking Typologies

Unforgettable Buildings

Interiors with Personality

Branded Places