Warsaw Bridge

A connection for the community

A new pedestrian/cyclist bridge in Warsaw celebrates the moment where the natural beauty of Praga and the vibrant activity of Bulwary Wislane come together.  As an extension of both banks of the Vistula River, the bridge highlights the qualities of both sides by combining the spirit of social energy with the sublime power of nature.

Beyond its significance as a major urban artery, the bridge’s iconic form also becomes a key landmark for the city of Warsaw.  By absorbing local qualities and drawing equal inspiration from the rigor of the Slasko-Dabrowski bridge to the north and the expressionism of St. Florian’s Cathedral to the east, the resulting design has a form that is of the city and not just for the city.

But the bridge is more than a path between two points. It is a series of moments that become destinations in their own right.  Each of the structure’s piers has a distinct programmatic element embedded within it, taking advantage of the additional space occupied by each structure. Inspired by the different qualities of each riverbank, two of the elements embody the social character of the west with a café pavilion and amphitheatre, while the two relate to the immersive landscape of the east with a garden and park.  By coupling key programmatic moments with the structure’s primary piers, the form becomes more than a reflection of the bridge’s structural performance – it becomes a series of beacons for its social offerings.

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Status: Designed 2017
  • Client: City of Warsaw