The 78

The Next Big Plan

The 78 is Related Midwest’s visionary new neighborhood in downtown Chicago. Spanning a massive 62-acre site, the development is envisioned as a diverse mixed-use precinct to live, work, play, learn, and discover.

Along the riverfront we envisioned buildings that programmatically relate to each other. These connections shape public space and are programmed with diverse activities to bring tenants, neighbors, and Chicagoans together. The buildings are a series of individual shapes that together visually surprise the viewer.

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Status: Designed 2017
  • Client: Related Midwest
  • Size: 62 acres
  • Team: Matthias Hollwich, AIA Marc Kushner, AIA Todd Shapiro, Robert May, Kim Lai, Joel Hagerty, Tom Orton, Joe Kuhn, Cynthia Hsu, Franco Chen, Anna Wu
  • Masterplan: SOM
  • Collaborating Architects: 3XN, ASGG
  • Imagery: Icon, Mark Segal