25 Kent

Silicon Valley in Williamsburg

Entrepreneurs chart their own path. It’s time their offices did the same. That’s why this office building isn’t an office building. It is a campus designed for New York City’s tech scene. Large floor plates are designed for established companies like Google and Uber while the lower floors’ smaller layouts serve startups, maker studios, and creative businesses that already love the Williamsburg waterfront. A campus isn’t complete without a public square, and here a public avenue runs through the building to create a courtyard open to the sky. Red brick and factory-sized windows nod to the historic architectural character of Williamsburg.

  • Status: Completion 2018
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Client: Heritage Equity Partners and Rubenstein Partners
  • Size: 500,000 SF
  • Scope: SD
  • Team: Matthias Hollwich, SBA Marc Kushner, AIA Brad Engelsman, Robert May, Andrew McBride, Adam Hostetler, Valentina Mele, Gregory Nakata, Matthew Hoffman
  • In Collaboration With: Gensler