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LOCATION: Malaga, Spain

CLIENT: BOOM Communities LLC

STATUS: Proposal

TEAM: Matthias Hollwich, Matthew Hoffman, Tim Aarsen, Robert May

ARCHITECTS: HWKN, Architensions, Dosmasuno, Nigel Coates, L2 Tsionov-Vitkon, Limon Lab, Escher GuneWardena, Messana O'Rorke, Rudin Donner, Surfacedesign as Landscape Architects

TAGS: New Aging,

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BOOM COSTA DEL SOL is the most daring LGBT community in Europe. It promises you an opportunity to develop your life beyond the age of 40. Whether your interests are business-based, creative or simply leisure-oriented, BOOM Costa del Sol is a community designed to nurture these desires. All in an environment that is design conscious, interactive and beautiful.

Enter BOOM's main plaza and you are greeted by the Community Buildings - an elegant series of stacked cubes really. Stores line the ground floor, and above them the hotel and the health and sports centers. On the top floor - BOOM's highest point - are the Sky Lounge and the community's meeting hall. Beyond the plaza, looking out over the lake in the distance, BOOM Costa del Sol unfolds:

115 homes, each designed by a different architect, but all the same scale: a 10m x 10 m. floor plan.